Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter weekend

It has been a busy past few weeks for our family! We recently moved out of our Pentagon City highrise to a townhouse outside the metro area to give our family more space... blog post about that soon to follow :) We have been very busy unpacking and turning our townhouse into our new home. But we took a break from unpacking to welcome our first visitors as the Wujek family came to visit over Easter weekend! Here are a few pictures from our weekend together :)

Lucas with his Nan
Finding the dandelions much more entertaining than our attempt to get a picture of Lucas with Daddy and Nan!
Lucas with his Dziadzi!
The Wujek clan
A valid attempt at a group shot with a two year old... Dawn and Lucas are my favorite part of this picture! #slightlydysfunctional #happyeaster
The coolest Easter cake made by Heather!
Lucas Easter basket!
Enjoying some chocolate molten cake with Dziadzi at fogo de chao
Hopping down the sidewalk with Aunt "Fall" and Nan!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Visiting the Easter bunny!

A few days ago, Steve and I took Lucas to see the Easter bunny. This was our 3rd year visiting the Pentagon City Easter bunny. This time, Lucas was so excited. He ran right up to him yelled, "Hi Bunny!" and started petting his fuzzy feet.

It is so fun to see the difference in Lucas from year to year. Here are our pictures from the last 3 years, with the most recent at the bottom!

Lucas' first Easter at 6 months old! Grandma came with us to visit the Easter bunny!
That huge toothless grin melts my heart.
Lucas' second Easter at 18 months old! Lucas was a little unsure of the Easter bunny, getting close enough to give a high five and that was about it. But the bunny ears were a big hit!
Lucas' 3rd Easter at 2.5 years old! Lucas loved the Easter bunny this year and has been talking about him ever since!
Mom & Dad joined in on the fun!