Thursday, September 25, 2014

Destin, FL - Part 3

Too excited to sleep, Lucas tends to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed very early when we are on vacation. I look forward to these early mornings of vacation. I know this sounds cheesy- but one day, when I look back on my life, these moments will be some of my favorites.

While in Destin, without fail, Lucas would wake me up around 6am. We would tiptoe out of the house, quietly jump into the golfcart and chase the sunrise to the beach. Early on in the week, we found a new favorite coffee shop called, "Bad Ass Coffee" and bad ass it was. This place was amazing. Lucas would pick out his breakfast treat and I would get my much needed coffee. We would then jump back in the golf cart and head towards the sand.

I love being on the beach as the sun comes up- watching people getting ready for the day... raking the sand, setting out rental chairs, and other mothers with their own early risers.

We spent our mornings out on the beach in our jammies- which for Lucas, often consisted of just his spiderman undies. But hey- you're only 2 once right? Lucas dug holes, built sand castles, searched for crabs and chased little fish with his net while I reveled in the peace and quiet, and even got to read my book. We even convinced Daddy to join us a couple mornings!

When Lucas was sufficiently covered in sand, we'd hose off and jump back on the golf cart. We'd arrive home just in time for the rest of the family to be waking up and perfect timing for Dziadzi's delicious egg breakfasts.

I have realized sleeping in is a thing of the past... but Lucas, thank you for this life lesson #sleepinginisoverrated