Thursday, February 6, 2014

Splash 'n Tot with our buddies!

Yesterday, Lucas and I went to "Splash 'n Tot" with our best buddies, Jeannie and Callie. "Splash 'n Tot" is an open swim time for toddlers at one of the local recreation center. Jeannie and I were so impressed by Lucas and Callie in the water, they were absolutely fearless! Callie spent most of the afternoon floating on her back with a little help from her mama, while Lucas chased the toy boats all around the pool. It was a blast!

I can't wait to take our little fish back next week!

Nothing beats that smile!!
Love these little fish!

We are so thankful for these two! 

One of my favorite pictures ever of these two... it describes their relationship perfectly!
Callie's face says it all, "Oh no, what is Lucas up to this time??"
Never a dull moment with this kiddo!

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