Monday, June 30, 2014

Roadtrip to Ohio!

With most of our family located in Ohio, you don't have to twist my arm to get me there! Recently, Lucas and I packed up the car and took off towards the midwest for an extended visit with our family. Our first stop was Columbus. With everyone's busy work schedules, it is rare that my family is all together in one spot... but this was one of those special times.

Our time together was jam packed! We participated in the first annual Dash for Nash, attended Lucas' first baseball game (complete with his first cotton candy), spent time with my siblings, visited the local firestation, and went swimming with Grandma! We had such a blast!

After Columbus, we took a trip down to Loveland to visit more family! We spent the day splashing around the pool with Nan, Aunt Heather and Aunt Fallon. Later that night, Lucas spent the evening with his Nan and Dziadzi while Heather and Fallon treated me to a long over due movie!

As always, it was hard to leave. Our trips back home never feel long enough.

Until next time Ohio. <3

Roadtrip! #mybuddy

Papa's little helper.

Uncle KJ's mini

Love them!!

Poor Grandma has a broken foot... Lucas wanted to join in on the scooter ride!

Ready for our race!


Headed towards the finish line! #strider

The balloon release for Baby Nash

Play hard, sleep harder.

This is what uncles are for!

My favorite moments are with these two. #siblings

Our newest fireman friends #columbus

Showing Lucas how the fire pole works!

And now it's his turn!

Lucas with his Papa

His first baseball game!

Taking a break from playing with the other kids to hang out with Grandma & Papa

That cotton candy is as big as Lucas!

Our ride home from the game

Hanging out with his Nan!

Lucas adores his Aunt Fal

Dziadzi is home!

But really, is there anything cuter?

Exhausted & heading back to Virginia after a great week with family!

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