Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Allison & Vince get married!

The weekend was perfect... perfect weather, perfect venue, and I could not have dreamt up a better husband for my sister. I have thought over this post for the past two months- wondered how I was going to put my feelings into words regarding my sister's wedding, how I could adequately describe the happiness that radiates off Allison and Vince when they are together, how I could possibly describe the joy my family felt as we watched Allison walk down the isle. I still tear up just thinking about it... man, I am way too sappy. Anyways, she was stunning. The photographer's words were, "Allison looks like she belongs on the cover of 'Bride' magazine" and she was right... Allison was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen.

Since I was never able to put the weekend into words that did it justice, here are some pictures :) There will be more to come!

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