Friday, January 2, 2015

A trip to Stribling Orchard

This past November, Jeannie and I took the kids to Stribling Orchard for our second annual visit.

That morning, Jeannie and I packed up our picnic baskets and loaded the kids into the truck for a trip out to Markham, Virginia. It was a rainy November day, towards the end of apple picking season, which means we were the only people in the orchard. It was perfect.

Our day was full of giggles, as Callie and Lucas spent the early afternoon snacking on the apples they picked off the trees. When lunch time rolled around, we loaded the kids into the truck, and headed up to the top of the orchard for a picnic. Lucas took a couple bites of his first ever PB&J, before he and Callie took off back in to the orchard to do a little more exploring.

Eventually, Jeannie and I loaded the tired kiddos back into the car and hit the road towards home. As the kids slept in the back seat, Jeannie and I reflected on our day with them. We recognized how thankful we are to share days like this with each other and our littles. It's moments like these, I wish I could freeze time. <3

Until next year Stribling Orchard.

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