Friday, February 20, 2015

Flash Back Friday- Thanksgiving in VA 2014

Oops! I just realized I never posted about our Virginia Thanksgiving. So today I'm taking advantage of flash back Friday :)

For Thanksgiving, Lucas celebrated at preschool with a Thanksgiving feast. The kids wore ridiculously cute turkey hats and made placemats that I plan on taking out every Thanksgiving for the next 50 years! All the Greentree families contributed in bringing food and the children enjoyed a feast full of turkey sandwiches, cornbread, carrot sticks, and more!

This year, the Lawler family joined us in Virginia for an early Thanksgiving feast. I was so thankful everyone was able to join us for a rare weekend spent together. KJ and my dad spent Saturday at the National Air and Space Museum in DC while the rest of us headed to Pentagon City to attempt some ice skating. "Attempt" being the key word...

After we had semi-successfully skated around the rink a few times, we headed home to start cooking. My mom and sister helped me in the kitchen while Steve went to pick up Vince from the train station. Everyone arrived home just in time to sit down for dinner!

I am so incredibly thankful for everyone at this table. <3 #theymakemyhearthappy

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  1. Aww! You did an amazing job of pulling off a beautiful Thanksgiving to remember! I am also so grateful that we were all able to come and share such a special time. That Jack is something else!