Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pool Day!

Wednesday is pool day. It is a weekly tradition that Jeannie and I started in order to get our little ones out of the house. A few months ago when we first started going to the pool, Lucas was uncharacteristically timid. While I want Lucas to know his limits in the water, I didn't want him being afraid.

He's come a long ways over the past few months. He now holds his breath, closes his eyes and jumps off the side into my arms. He splashes down the slide without being afraid of getting his face wet at the bottom. And his best buddy Callie even taught him how to "float" on his back... with a little help from mama :)

Pool day has easily turned into one of Lucas' favorite activities of the week. Here are some pics!

Callie's face says it all... "Oh no, what is Lucas getting in to this time?"

After pool snacks!

Two tired little fish!

We love chipotle lunch dates after swimming!

Off to lunch, hand in hand. <3

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