Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A trip to the National Tree

Some of my favorite days, are those when Lucas and I take impromptu trips around our city. This morning we headed out to see the National Tree. It was a chilly but beautiful morning. The National Tree was stunning and had the most elaborate toy train going around it. I'm pretty sure Lucas would have stayed all day to watch that train if I'd let him! Once we were done with the tree, we headed across the street to check out what was going on at the White House. We finished off our morning with some hot chocolate and headed back to the metro!

Breathtaking. #DC
Check out that train!

He wouldn't take his eyes off that train for a second!

Lucas' favorite part of the train- the fire and police stations.
Ohio's Christmas tree!

Future Mr. President?

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  1. The all American family! That is so cool! It's awesome that you do such cool adventures with Luke!