Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wedding Bells

Lucas is two and two years olds are completely unpredictable. So, as soon as Steve's cousin expressed that she would like Lucas to be her ring bearer, all I could picture was Lucas jumping (since that's his favorite mode of transportation) down the isle most likely half nude or maybe even fully nude, depending on the day.

The day Lucas' suspenders and bow tie arrived in the mail, I was so excited. I had my camera ready so I could send out the adorable picture to all of our family and friends. Well, Lucas hated the suspenders and hated even more the bow tie. He ripped them off faster than I could snap a picture (this is where my vision of a naked toddler going down the idle comes in). This, I thought, is going to be interesting.

The night of the rehearsal, Lucas did significantly better than I had expected. He sprinted full speed down the isle- BUT he made it down the isle. We were very pleased! However, the morning of the wedding, things got interesting. Lucas knew we were up to something when he saw the bow tie and suspenders laying on the table. The mild tantrum began- Lucas refused to shower and wanted to be held at all times. I did my make up with Lucas sitting in my lap and blow dried my hair while holding him on my hip... it appeared walking down the isle was unlikely. Eventually, we managed to get him into his adorable bow tie, suspenders, dress pants and Converse shoes and we headed out the door.

We got to the brides house and she looked stunning. Lucas was mesmerized. That morning while pictures were taken, he sat quietly in the door and watched her. When it was time to head towards the pier, Lucas was not far behind as he chased the bride down the street. He loved everything about the morning, the balloons, the wedding gown, the bride's flowers, and was fascinated by the limo that came to pick her up.

We got to the church and Lucas was still in awe. He quietly stood with the wedding party at the back of the church until it was his turn to go. As he started down the isle, Lucas gently placed his ring bearer pillow in the first pew saying "Night night" and continued slowly down the isle holding the maid of honor's hand. He walked straight to the end of the isle, no jumping and left his bow tie perfectly in place. Proud does not even begin to describe my emotion, he did amazing.

The wedding was beautiful and was followed by an extremely fun reception. Lucas and his Dziadzi were the first ones on the dance floor and the last ones off. They danced their hearts out. It was a beautiful celebration with family and friends and we could not have been more proud of Lucas!

"Look mama!"
He could have sat here all day, watching the bride.
Such a ham. 

Steve and his mini-me

My heart.

Mission accomplished- nap time!

Great evening with family.
Uh oh- mom caught the bouquet and dad caught the garter!
Apparently the garter has to be removed by your teeth- Lucas cover your eyes!!
Dziadzi and Lucas dancing the night away 

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